April 4 – MAY 2, 2019

at OZANEAUX ArtSpace

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 18, 2019, New York, NY — Korea Art Forum is pleased to announce the season premier of its 2019 exhibition series with AN ERA OF PEACE, A PEACEFUL LAND THE 4TH EPISODE (aka. PERPETUAL PEACE THROUGH ART). This group exhibition features magazines, books and posters from North Korea in tandem with work by contemporary artists from New York, South Korea and China:

  • Bethany FANCHER, Alicia GRULLON, LEE Kakyoung, Nikki SCHIRO from New York
  • JEON Jongcheol, U Juju, and YUE Kyoeng Sub from South Korea
  • QI Yutian, and artist pair WU Gaozhong and QI Zhang from China

The exhibition explores ideas around the founding notion of Korea Art Forum, that peace is not an absence of war, but a living process of interacting with others and understanding their values and perspectives.

Back in November 2018, Grullon, Jeon, Qi, U, Wu and Yue were invited to create works based on their observations of the West Sea Five Islands near the Northern Limited Line (NLL), the maritime border between South and North Korea. The artists produced work during their visit to the heavily militarized area where everyday rituals conflate with arms and tensions. Grullon and Jeon produced booklets. U created an installation of found objects at various beachfronts. Qi made a sculpture. Yue and Wu generated performances. The exhibition features these new artworks and performance documentation.

In parallel to the new bodies of work specifically created via commission in order to explore the Korean Division in cultural terms, the exhibition includes footage of Korea taken during the Korean war (1950-1953), materials which artist Bethany Fancher discovered from the inheritances left to her by her father. Additionally, Lee Kakyoung contributes a set of prints while Nikki Schiro presents a painting and a sculpture, both further commentaries on the Korean division.

Via a wide spectrum of visual arts media, AN ERA OF PEACE, A PEACEFUL LAND THE 4TH EPISODE offers visitors an active viewing experience prompting questions on inclusive frameworks for contemporary art as a community that integrates traditional, modern, socialist, and capitalist aesthetics. The exhibition hopes to communicate the aforementioned meaning of peace by action and vice versa, to discover new ways of understanding the Korean conflict, and to provoke audiences to rethink notions of contemporary art. Serving to expand public access to artworks previously not shown in New York, such dialogues hope to provide art-professional and general audiences with diverse entry points to new perceptions of contemporary art. Here, radically different artworks coexist, creating intercultural connections, which transcend ideological, geographical to temporal boundaries.

KAF EXHIBITIONS are generously supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council and are co-hosted with OZANEAUX ArtSpace.  The 2018 commission activities were supported, in part, by Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture, Incheon Metropolitan City, and Art Council Korea.

OZANEAUX ArtSpace  is a philanthropic, artist-run exhibition/project space created by Nikki Schiro and Frederic Ozaneaux in 2009. It hosts Contemporary Art exhibitions for Artists and Curators in the couple’s community. The exhibitions highlight Artists from underrepresented demographics as well as foreign exchange. The gallery is planted in the back end of an accounting office, in the heart of New York City’s Gallery District.


APR 4 – MAY 2, 2019

Opening Reception

Thursday, April 4, 6:30 pm


Thursday, April 11, 6:30 pm

A Discussion with Alicia Grullon and Gregory Sholette, The Season Premiere of 2019 KAF FORUMS:

Please RSVP by April 9, 2019 at


515 West 20th Street, 4E, New York.

Hours of operation:
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